Camillus Youth Basketball Association

WElcome to c.y.b.a winter basketball program

C.Y.B.A. is an instructional and recreational league. Our goal, and
the mission of C.Y.B.A., is to provide your child with the opportunity
to learn and play basketball and to learn good sportsmanship and
teamwork. Once the games begin it is easy (as fans) to get caught up
in the excitement, but the players get distracted with too many people
shouting directions at them. The coach is the only one in the gym who
should be addressing the players or speaking to the referees. Please
keep your participation during games to support/cheering which
encourages the team to play hard and refrain from comments that
may confuse the players or that are directed at the referees.
Setting a positive example for our kids is an important part of what
we can teach them in this sports program.


BOYS: All divisions, except Senior Boys, are full

GIRLS:  Grade 4/5 Division is now full